Amber Guinness

At Arniano, we want to make sure guests feel fully immersed in the Tuscan experience, an important part of which is the food.

Amber is an experienced cook who specialises in Italian dishes and in making the most of high quality local ingredients, wherever she is. She is passionate about Tuscan cuisine, and loves to show those new to the area that Italian food doesn’t have to mean pizza and pasta – though both are an important part of it! Amber was taught how to cook by her mother Camilla, whose knowledge of Italian cuisine is extensive and has been honed over thirty years of living there. 

A typical menu on a painting week might start with pappa al pomodoro, or spaghetti al limone and chargrilled vegetables, or spinach and ricotta malfatti followed by thin slices of roast beef with green sauce and balsamic-glazed lentils.

Amber has cooked for guests at Arniano since her early teens, and has assisted London chefs prepare meals for up to fifty people on photoshoots. More recently, she has cooked for guests at nearby Villa Cetinale, preparing bespoke menus for discerning clients with very specific requirements. She looks forward to sharing her love of delicious Italian fare with you soon.